What Our World and the USA has Forgotten

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I teach an adult Sunday School Class; we have had various personalities in the class over the past 40+ years. In fact, we had one extremely belligerent fellow that actually threatened me, to the point our pastor and some Elders were forced to ask him not to return. I have had a very gracious Muslim client; though we disagree on some theological issues, some we absolutely agree with…like how to treat one another. The point is, we all interact with all types of people of all types of colors and backgrounds. There is one thing our world has lost and it evidently will kill us. We either have forgotten or simply don’t believe that each and everyone of us are created in the image of God. Now, if you actually believe that, as I do, it will change how you interact with others.

How are you known? As a hater or as a kind person? Do you believe in God and feel that you are in the “Family of God”? Well, if so, do you act like Luke writes in chapter 6 verses 34 +35? You, as a child, are known by your father. As God is your Father, then you must “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (verse 36). Friends…can we at least give this a try?

Here is an article that speaks to this topic; it is worth your time to read. Check it out here:    I Am Dreaming…



Truth…if you still want to know

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What is freedom…real freedom? Is it the ability to do whatever you want? Is it the condition that allows you think & believe anything you want, the way you want? What if I believe it is okay to rob banks? What makes that action wrong, but I digress?

Baruck Spinoza (1632-1677), stoic philosopher, a heterodox thinker focusing on rationalism, is much praised in academia. He decided God was no longer the creator of the universe, ruling by His divine providence. How convenient for him! This sets the stage to allow his view that a person has the right to interpret Scripture as they wished. Thus, our current state of subjectivism is born and still running wild.

Unfortunately, many Protestants, rejecting subjectivism, filled the void with a scientific approach…this is just a different name for escaping from God’s Holy Word. Now a person can do what they want, believe what they want, and define right & wrong away they chose to do.

Look around, this is where we are today!

As humans get rid of God, they must fill the void…with themselves. It is an old problem, now being regenerated. Days of old, things moved slowly; today, information (good or bad) is around the world in seconds. Now, we see this “God doesn’t exist” void is being filled with pride…the same pride of Lucifer before he was cast out of Heaven, or the pride of Adam & Eve wanting the knowledge of God. The pride that people are as powerful as God; the pride the arrogance that humans can actually manipulate world-wide climate. I wrote a whole chapter on the “climate change” hoax in my new book, Trying to be God. World climate has always been changing since creation, as part of God’s providence; however, today’s movement is actually about controlling people, not climates.

Follow your subjective agenda, follow science (actually, I like science, much is in my first book, I Am, the Great Creator God)…but neither will provide you truth. Only the Holy Bible will provide you real Truth…if you still want to know.

Only ONE reason we Exist – LOVE

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Interestingly, I heard Sean Hannity and a radio preacher say that nothing can come from nothing. I have read this same thing from Ravi Zacharias, whom I have the upmost respect. I think if questioned, they would believe, as I do, that God is transcendent, that He always has been and always will be, never created.

I wrote about this topic in my book entitled “I Am, the Great Creator God”, published by Muskrat Books in 2010. What I wish to clarify in my statements that God created ex nilhilo; that is out of nothing. I wrote that “nothing” is nothing…no laws of thermodynamics, no matter, no energy, no anything. Even the great Steve Hawking could not get past gravity, thinking gravity was present. No. not even gravity!

We need to know and believe that God did exist and always has; there is no other explanation to what we see around us. God created out of nothing, the physical laws, the atomic particles of matter that those laws cement together (the “glue”) the energy for there to be something instead of nothing.

God did not need anything; He was complete and perfect. So, why create anything…especially mankind that has caused Him so much trouble over the centuries? There I only one reason. God wanted relationship with His creation out of love. In my book, as an architect, I wrote how creators relate to their creations. God Loves you and wants you to love Him, because He is YOUR creator! Doesn’t that mean something to you?

Those who chose to hate God or simply say He doesn’t exist, like to blame God for the existence of evil. God didn’t create evil…we did! There is only ONE reason we exist:

For God so loved the world…(John 3:16)

The Future of Your Children and Grandchildren?

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This blog is called “One Voice Crying in the Wilderness”…I think America is moving toward “wilderness”. Gone are the days when we could discuss the nation’s issues and learn from one another. Gone are the days of civility and sensitivity toward others. Gone are the days when we could allow others to live their lives unharmed even though we disagreed with their position on politics or lifestyle. Gone are the days when we could believe as we wish to believe; now we are forced to believe in whatever the minority of the population chooses to believe.

Do you ever fear for your children or grandchildren and the world they will have to live in?

Each generation should work to leave for future generations a better place, not to destroy it for the future. I know, you are thinking…who is to say what that future should be. That’s my point…there was in the past a time when we could friendly debate such ideas. Today, it is violence and cursing, shouting over one another…no one listening to an opposite position to find common ground. Destruction, not construction.

Paul Curry writes an interesting thought provoking post that would be worth your time to read. My wish is that though you may firmly disagree with his post, that you would still take a couple of minutes to read and reflect on it. Is that too much to ask when considering the future of America, the future of your children and grandchildren?

Do I have This Straight? …I think so!

Posted in About the Book on June 21, 2019 by Haven Mankin

Let’s see if I can understand the current situation…

The group that preaches diversity at every turn is the same group that says I must believe like them or be condemned. I have to support their causes even though I may disagree. I have to do whatever they say or be brought into legal battles and have my business ruined by misled angry boycotts from these same “can’t we all just get along” diversity-minded groups.

I am not allowed to speak in a public institution of higher education if I don’t believe as they do. I am an angry back-woods so-in-so if I support law enforcement and the current written laws of the land. I am a hater because I believe you should follow duly adopted law and not harbor, support and provide benefits to law-breakers. I am wrong because I raise my children, without “the village”, by working hard, educating,  and teaching them manners and a gentle tongue. The “diversity crowd” see me as a most ugly sinful person because I believe in Jesus Christ and believe in America and all the good it has done in the world to protect and nurture the innocent.

Do I have this straight? I think so; I have eyes to see. This is exactly as it is currently at work now in America; once a land of the brave and home of the free!

Confusing Our Children Will be Our Doom

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It is no secret that our society is breaking down; one only has to look at the break up of the family unit, the increase in single parenting, high divorce rate , etc. The so-called “extended family” is confusing for adults; just think what it is doing to the confusion of our children! One of the key elements, proven throughout history, is that societies fall when the children fall. At a time of extreme selfishness, people are lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God (2 Timothy 3:4).

Biblical truth and instruction for Christian families is found in Colossians 3:18-25. It is said to be “old fashion”, or that those ideas don’t relate to modern society…but this is completely untrue…truth is truth no matter the age.

Open your eyes and look around at our society! The hate revealed in public discourse. The cursing in everyday speech and on television. The lack of civility, manners, chivalry,  and courtesy. The twisting apart of our youth is the doom of the society! All this nonsense of gender identity is a fabrication for a whole other agenda for control over the population whether in our speech or our parental control over our own children. Do you think I am being extreme? May be you should check out Michael Brown’s article today about what is going on now in California public schools.

I agree with Mr. Brown, it is indeed time to wake up, resist this plunge into the abyss, and peacefully say we Christians will try to remain Biblical and walk in the foot steps of our LORD Jesus Christ, the best we can. We will be loving to all, but we will not be a part of the destruction of our children and our future.

Our Future is Growing Up

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When people talk about being dishonest or telling lies or twisting the truth, many will discount the problem saying everyone does it. No, they don’t! Some, still holding on to integrity, will strive to be as honest as they can be. Nobody is perfect, but the difference is that some people know they fall short and try to correct it, while others go on as if it is standard operating procedure to twist things in their favor.

Recently in the news was the college cheating scandal, a truly bad situation; but this kind of thing has been going on for some time. Institutions politically manipulating who are the attendees, keeping cheating professors on-board, fake diversity, political correctness and strange course majors and silencing free speech, it is all one giant political game with little to do about real education. Revisionist history is being taught to win in politics with history professors being mostly democrats, 33 to 1 over republicans; how is there any balance where students can get the truth? College Cheating

How are we to strive as a nation filled with honest hard-working caring people…people ready to help the rest of the world…when our future, our young people, is so threatened by such an insane educational system? A recent poll shows millennials to be struggling over such major issues as: losing their phone, having no phone charger, losing their keys, being late to work, and forgetting passwords, etc.  Life is more stressful than ever.



Jesus, the only Hope of the World

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