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I love science and have studied it at length but I am not a scientist; while this book deals with scientific subjects at some level much deeper than normal conversation, I don’t pretend to follow scientific methodology in presenting my arguments. An architect with 35 years of experience, I am an observer and thinker; I understand how things cohere and the very nature of design, composition, strength, structure, and systems. As such, I have a deep comprehension of aesthetics, physics, and mathematics, and an appreciation for biology, chemistry, hydrology, sociology, and psychology. I have three university degrees and am self-taught in particle physics and cosmology. I have taught college level classes on creativity and the environment, as well as lectured at the college level on architecture, creativity and construction.
My theological background incorporates an upbringing in the Episcopal Church, study with Catholic Franciscan Monks, and over 35 years of serving in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, which has involved preaching, weekly adult teaching, and leadership roles on the Board of Elders and Regional Church Board.
I have written scholarly articles on “The Trinity” and “The Elements of Holy Communion”. I have also written an E-book entitled “11:11, the Importance of Putting Jesus Christ First in Your Life”.  Two books on Christian Theology are available from or from Amazon Book (just search my name); entitled, “A Different Kind of Tree” and “I AM, the Great Creator God”. I like to write and have done speaking engagements. My perspective and background creates a great deal to offer the public, so future work will be a priority. May God bless you everyday!





Haven Mankin, Author


Jesus, the only Hope of the World

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